Urban Island Brewing Co. was founded in 2014.


We are as passionate about brewing beer as we are drinking it and enjoy creating a whole range of innovative, quality, modern craft beers using both traditional and new brewing methods with only the finest malt, hops and yeast.

Whether you are a seasoned craft drinker or just trying something new and different , we at Urban Island work hard to produce full flavoured, balanced and creative beers that really excite you.

We love to experiment with a variety of different malt and hops from around the globe to create special brews to share with you, the more we push the boundaries and try different techniques, the more we discover about the evolving world of craft beer!

Our other passion is for the ocean, working and living on an Urban Island situated on the south coast of England we have always enjoyed a great outdoors lifestyle on the ocean either kite-surfing, surfing or paddle-boarding . Combining our passions (Craft Beer & Surfing) provides us with the inspiration whilst in the ocean to create something special and enables us the great opportunity of catching a wave or two in between.

We are one of Portsmouth’s most renowned breweries and hope you have as much pleasure drinking our beers as we do creating them!



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